Arthur Bryant's BBQ menu

Arthur Bryant's Barbeque Custom Smoked Meats

Let us save you time and hassle.

Provide that great Arthur Bryant's Barbeque smoked taste for your table - Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ham, outdoor BBQ, tailgate – or anytime you are in the mood for delicious smoked meat!

You name it, Arthur Bryant's Barbeque will provide a perfectly smoked entrée! Bring Us Your Favorite Meat, and We'll do the Cooking!

Here's how it Works:

  1. Thanksgiving: Drop-off by Sunday before Thanksgiving, and pick-up by end of business Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
    Drop-off of Monday before Christmas and pick-up by end of day on Thursday before Christmas.
    All other dates: Meat can typically be smoked overnight.

  2. Meats must be already thawed and in the package from an inspected source – no fish or wild game

  3. Relax and enjoy your favorite smoked meat

Have questions – call us at 816-231-1123.

10 lbs. & under – $ 16.00
Over 10 lbs. – $ 20.00
$ 16.00 minimum

We will Happily Smoke:
Turkeys | Briskets | Hams | Ribs | Chickens, whole (no halves or wings)

We will gladly trim and slice your Brisket for an additional $10.00, if desired. All trimming and slicing instructions must be given to us in advance.

Reminder: NO FISH or WILD GAME will be accepted for smoking.

All meats to be smoked must be thawed and be in their original USDA inspected packaging. Meats will not be accepted if they have been taken out of their packaging.

Arthur Bryant's Barbeque Custom Smoked Meats