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The Legacy Continues

Kansas City Star front page headlines: The Legacy Continues

Tuesday, December 28,1982

Arthur Bryant, the master of barbecue, dies at age 80

Kansas City barbecue king Arthur Bryant died today after he collapsed at the restaurant where he fed presidents, movie stars and common folk. He was 80.
Arthur Bryant's Barbeque—a "grease house," Mr. Bryant proudly called it—was the business that gave Kansas City its renown as a barbecue capital.

Tuesday, February 22, 1983

It's open! With few exceptions, 'It's the same old Bryant's'

There was no warning. The new operators wanted it that way.  Just before 10:00 Monday morning the glass door at 1727 Brooklyn Ave. was unlocked and the "Closed" sign was turned to "Open." The operators, cooks and other employees stood ready. Arthur Bryant's Barbeque was in business again.